What is Fl0wer ?

Fl0wer is an extremely powerful and flexible Network Intelligence software platform conceived to solve network visibility problems and network protection issues, to verify proper usage of company resources and to be used as a network blackbox to track all traffic metadata and solve otherwise unnoticed problems. The Fl0wer platform is structured as a typical client/server solution, with a licensed server data collector (receiving data from Netflow/IPFIX and sFlow V5 flow exporters) and open-source CLI Tools, GUI Client (Fl0werUI) and well documented JSON API to interact and handle data.

It runs on common 64 bit Linux platforms (releases for other Unixes like Solaris, AIX, NetBSD, etc. are available on demand), it is extremely scalable with enterprise class features and performance, has full support for IPv4 and IPv6 and it has an extremely low TCO. It is written in multithreaded C language and can scale both vertically and horizontally. It includes a LUA interpreter that can execute a customizable script for each processed flow.

While its engine is a licensed product, all the data it saves and the JSON API interface are fully documented; CLI Tools and GUI Application are Open Source, allowing for unmatched integrations, customizations and data feeding to Analytics like ELK, Splunk, Graphite or Apache HADOOP, just to name a few. It exploits the power of Netflow V1, V5, V9, IETF/IPFIX and sFlow V5 technologies to achieve its goals. No Java, DB or bloatware required.

Fl0wer logo

A simple introduction to Netflow/IPFIX with Fl0wer !

What can you do with Fl0wer ?

  • Setup a full-featured Netflow/IPFIX distributed network monitoring infrastructure in minutes, not days !
  • Have a crystal clear bird's eye view of the traffic on your network with enriched data
  • Seamless real-time integration with your favorite Analytics (ELK, Splunk, etc.) or OLAP for meaningful security data lake feeding
  • Create a matrix of all flows crossing your network and check if it fits your packet filtering policies
  • Have a near-realtime Risk Index on the traffic of your network
  • React in near-real timeover traffic matches using the integrated LUA Engine to execute custom or system scripts
  • Define policies for VPN, Tunnels, SNMP monitors, DNS, NTP, BGP and SDNs so you can check user compliancy to company policies
  • Detect horizontal and vertical network scans inside your network
  • Automate checking for TOR or P2P traffic
  • Take a network status snapshot for internal or third party investigation
  • Make cloud migrations a breeze having a detailed view of IP network traffic matrix
  • Automate checks of internal/external network traffic with IP bogons and Bad Reputation IP addresses
  • Track network resources usage
  • Now with Netflow/IPFIX Traffic Deduplication !
  • Build your packet-filtering policies based on facts and be sure to not forget anything

Other Fl0wer Applications ?

The application fields are endless, here are just some ideas.

  • Eases network migrations
  • Find most used Networks
  • Find most used Apps
  • Network blackbox
  • SIEM Analytics feeder
  • Track unwanted apps and behaviours on your network
  • BYOD/IoT networks usage
  • Check your firewall policy effectiveness
  • Find Bandwidth hogs
  • Spot unnoticed details
  • Full IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • React on traffic patterns

What do you want to do ?