The Solaris versions are almost ready. The required Solaris minimum release will be 11.2 and there will be both for x64 and both for SPARC. Unfortunately, as far as I know, Solaris 10 is lacking the SO_REUSEPORT feature in the setsockopt() system call so, although working, it would be limited to 1 processing thread, which is not fairly acceptable knowing the number of CPUs that can be available on this platform.

As per today, there is a small problem that prevents me to build the client that i need to solve (matplotlib does not builds correctly), but the daemon and the CLI were working correctly from my last tests.

Now I'm pretty busy setting up all the site, the whole sale chain and fixing last things to be ready in a few days and have no time to fix this kind of things. Further, all the SPARC builds are done on a T5520 (Oracle does not make SPARC workstations any more so I have to stick with this) that I have in my lab, and the noise it makes is something like this (no, it's not my lab but it is very similar), gotta find her a new home !