Welcome to Fl0wer 2.0

After a lot of very hard work, I'm pleased to announce the release 2.0 of Fl0wer !

This release is dedicated to my Father, who taught me to never give up when doing things.

Apart a lot of other (still hidden) improvements, this new release basically introduces the sFlow V5 support to get traffic from L2 switches and host agents, allowing you full network visibility both at L2 and L3 network stack, on premise or in the cloud. It also adds:

- Latest ElasticStack 7.4.x integration

- Internal Networks optimization: if your device does not export VLAN PVID, you can provide it, as well as organization and security zone, for better traffic classification.

- Flow Matrix persistence: The flow matrix is also stored persistently to survive Fl0wer restarts.

- Compatibility: Added support for Watchguard ( device support matrix available at https://fl0wer.me/blog/fl0wer-device-matrix )

- some minor bugs fixed

Continuous monitoring plays a key role in network security, and network security is the starting base for modern cyber-security. The Fl0wer platform, following the UNIX philosophy (do one thing and do it good), is a visionary (but delivering) key-piece of security infrastructures.

Available at https://fl0wer.me