Welcome to Fl0wer 1.6

After a lot of very hard work, I'm pleased to announce the release 1.6 of Fl0wer !

Lots of things, new and consolidated, made into it, and a lot of new ones will come soon.

- Easier ElasticStack integration: Pre-built logstash feeding scripts, curator configs and Kibana dashboards for faster integration (ELK stack >= 6.5)
- Traffic Classification: Traffic rules have been improved a lot, allowing for ipgroups and servicegroups, matching on much more criterias for an even easier traffic classification.
- Welcome to the Flow Matrix: it will be described in a dedicated post, but basically allows you to create a full flow matrix (who talks with who and how) for your whole network infrastructure.
- SDN support: eases identification of unallowed SDN controllers, unallowed VTEPs, and VXLAN traffic
- Compatibility: Added support for PaloAlto application decoding, Stormshield, VMware ESX & NSX's dvSwitch, Cisco nvzFlow and (soon to come) Fl0wer Agent (there is also a matrix available at https://fl0wer.me/blog/fl0wer-device-matrix )
- several minor bugs fixed

Continuous monitoring plays a key role in network security, and network security is the starting base for modern cyber-security.
The Fl0wer platform, following the UNIX philosophy (do one thing and do it good), is a visionary (but delivering) key-piece of secure computing.

Available at https://fl0wer.me