After more than two years of hard, silent and suffered work, doing design, coding, debugging and testing, I'm really thrilled to launch on the market my affordable Network Intelligence platform.

Network Intelligence, as per Wikipedia documentation, relies on DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) as its basis. However, I'm convinced that this is just a way about how to solve a problem. DPI, as most computational intensive things, it is very costly in terms of: privacy, cpu cycles and sensor topology & cost. Netflow and IPFIX are more mature and efficient technologies that allows users to have unbelievable insights about their network usage that are simply underestimated by most network & security people. Further, with the whole IT and networking world going firmly into massive protocol encryption, the time it will be completely pointless is not so far. I hope you will enjoy the available free public evaluation version (it stores 16k for each flow - yes, it's awkward but I need to return from my investments :-) ) as well as the licensed product.
I tried to overcome the limits I've found when using and evaluating both commercial and open netflow solutions, and I'm sure you'll appreciate it.
However, it's a young product, it would be stupid to hide behind a finger, I hope that your feedback as a valued customer will help me to grow it the way you want, if you feel it's missing something.