It took some more than expected, but release and evaluation binaries are now GA, just check on the Downloads page. Support for CentOS 6 will be dropped in next release (it's the one that caused most delays) since it is EOL since November 2020.

A new tool is available to experiment and play with the Python API and is freely downloadable, it's called the Fl0wer RTE (Run Time Environment), which is really a Python 3.7.12 packaged (independent from your operating system install) with all dependencies and tools to play and build the open-source tools with Fl0wer. You can invoke it with /opt/fl0wer/bin/fl0py, and pip is available as /opt/fl0wer/bin/fl0pip.

It's freely available on the Downloads page, just remember to use --nodeps flags when installing on Redhat/CentOS since the packaging tool (the dear old EPM) doesn't have a way to remove dependencies in RPMs (Debian versions are fine). There is even pyinstaller available, so if you have available make and binutils on your system, you can change and build your own tools.
It includes:
- Python 3.7.12
- PyInstaller 4.8
- All Python requirements to build the cli, the client and more !
- All binaries and libraries used to build Fl0wer code.

Happy hacking :-) !