The new version of Fl0wer takes off your network infrastructure analysis capabilities !

Some numbers:

  • Over 2 months of work with over 300 commits.
  • A full code-refactoring for the IPCache that improves performance of hundred times.
  • Hundreds of millions of flows analyzed and classified on an ISP Gigabit line without losing a single flow.
  • Tens of thousands of relationships instantly available directly from RAM.
  • Carrier Grade performance handling information about tens of millions of IP Addresses in memory almost instantly !
  • Added support for ASNs both in APIs both in Full CSV exports
  • Carrier grade product with the Same SOHO price.

Some facts:

  • A licensed product with an open philosohy with simple and easy integration with your favourite Analytics like ELK, Splunk, etc.
  • Seamless integration with your Netflow/IPFIX Source (Cisco, Juniper, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Citrix, VMWare, etc.)
  • Know and react for what your Firewall/UTM/IPS does not see.
  • Find holes and bad behaviours inside your networks in almost realtime before GDPR deadline comes !
  • Open source GUI Clients for Linux, Mac & Windows.
  • Open source APIs in Python for your favourite platform to integrate it the way you want.
  • Damn easy to install (it's a standard RPM/DEB package) and can be setup in minutes.

Feel free to try the evaluation version, or do you prefer sticking with overpriced, closed & '90ies style products already on the market ?

Available NOW at