If your netflow exporter does not allow you to specify multiple destinations, a pretty easy solution is to setup a "multiplexing" system using Samplicator. The system receives all the flows directed to a "virtual IP" and forwards them to the real collectors. A small box or a VM setup like the following schema should do the trick:

Samplicator ExampleSamplicator Example Setup

The nice thing is that samplicator preserves the original netflow exporter IP Address, so you can feed both Fl0wer both your existing collector, if you have one. In my lab I setup one on an HP N54L (the geek's omnipresent box) to feed all the various collectors I use for experimentation and it works smoothly.

Its syntax is pretty easy, my setup works as follows:

# /usr/local/bin/samplicate -f -p 2056 -b 262144 -S -n ... and so on

Which, more or less, says: "Listen on port 2056, use 262144 bytes of buffers, Spoof (Maintain) the source address, don't compute UDP checksum and replicate the flows to on port 2056, on port 2056 and so on".

Simple, clean, scalable, easy.

Hope it helps.