On friday, the 9th of June, it will be my birthday, and to celebrate it I will give out for free:

- 4 Vouchers to get Full featured licenses of Fl0wer
- 5 Vouchers to get a 45% discount on Full featured licenses of Fl0wer

How do you qualify for it ? Very simple !

On friday (and only on friday !) you will have to send me an email to my address on Fl0wer.me wishing me happy birthday, guessing my age (not so difficult !) and write some kind words (but true, no lies !) about how do you use, how are wishing to use Fl0wer or what you think about it, that I'll report on my website as a reference, with your company name (hey, it's my birthday, not yours !).

The first 4 to write will get the free licenses, the next 5 will get the discount !

If you qualify, on monday 12 you'll be sent a voucher code to get your free license or discount (I'll be partying on friday, like most of you, so please be patient ! ).

Remember, send the wishes only on Friday, otherwise it brings bad luck !!

And please share, I want a lot of wishes and don't keep this opportunity only for you :-) !