Finally Fl0wer starts having its own (obviously incomplete) Device Matrix List. It is available here in the Documentation part of the online store.

Netflow V1 and Netflow V5 protocols are fixed record format standard, so they are supported on all devices claiming their support. This includes all Cisco IOS versions, Juniper and all other vendors. If it does not work, it is probably a device issue, but, upon request, analysis can be performed issuing a request to support at providing a pcap file with some Netflow1/NetflowV5 data.

Netflow V9 and IPFIX are protocols using dynamic templates, but several vendors have their own P.E.N. (Private Enterprise Numbers) Netflow/IPFIX fields that they often do not publish and that are proprietary, so in these cases, these fields are simply ignored. Most Netflow 9/IPFIX devices and fields are supported, please issue a request to support at to check and/or verify compatibility with a specific device (a pcap file with some Netflow/IPFIX data including Netflow/IPFIX templates will be requested).