After over a year of work, I'm proud to announce the release of Fl0wer 3.0 !

There have been so many changes that it's quite difficult to list them all ! A lot of them are under the hood, but let's just say that now you can:

  • view all network flows in almost realtime, both in command line and in the GUI
  • pump all received data in realtime in your favorite analytics engine (Elasticsearch, Splunk, One Identity Log Management, etc.)
  • create HTML and PDF network security reports using the OLAP Clickhouse integration
  • almost all features can be enabled/disabled/updated in almost real-time via a new internal JSON API
  • get the flow matrix for your entire network and paste it in your favorite Spreadsheet with just a couple of clicks from the Fl0wer GUI !
  • added support for CentOS/Redhat 8,9 and Debian 10,11

Network Visibility is a key component in modern CyberSecurity defence systems, and now it is not anymore a luxury reserved to big companies. Data analytics is the key for network security and Fl0wer is the most advanced, flexible, powerful and inexpensive solution on the market putting data at your fingertips in your favorite way.

The build farm systems are still 100% busy producing the evaluation and release packages, which should be ready by the end of the week. More updates in the next days !