Is your network & security team capable to detect in near-real time the following IOCs inside your company network ?
Do you think that a penetration testing or a security assessment will reveal these ?

  • TOR connections
  • P2P connections
  • possible Covert Channels
  • vertical scans on a host (like a target to compromise)
  • horizontal scans for a service (like a worm, a malware or a ransomware)
  • policy violations for internal core services like NTP, DNS, BGP, SNMP, VPN, SDN, etc.
  • connections to bogon networks or blacklisted IPs on the Internet
  • out of matrix traffic
  • cryptocurrencies related traffic
  • social network traffic inside your datacenter
  • probably unwanted traffic

If the answer is no, probably they need help, because Fl0wer can.

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