Are you ready to enjoy the new Fl0wer 1.3 version ?

Summer was long and hot here, but a lot of juicy news and features are available in this new version:

  • Flows deduplication
  • Introduction of the Risk Index for each received flow
  • Added further parallelization with multi-threading in some long tasks
  • Simplified view of flow types split (also in the CLI tools)
  • Improvements in the scan detection module
  • Improvements in the network snapshot architecture
  • Improvements in the NPAR module for better application detection
  • Testing with Fortinet FortiOS >= 5.2
  • Now with dynamic IP Lists reload (custom networks, allowed dns/ntp/bgp/etc., Bogons, IP Reputation, etc.)
  • Further improvements in CSVFULL export (from 200 to at most 20 microseconds to write a single flow !)
  • Tested on a 1Gbit ISP peering without missing a bit, with over 50 million of flows per day !
  • Updated documentation & bug fixes

And the evaluation version of Fl0wer 1.3 has CSVFULL output available, so you can test easily integration with Analytics like ELK or Splunk !

What are you waiting for ?

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