Nowadays, the world of information technology seems populated by nomadic species.

Network migrations are almost everyday activities and being in the cloud has become the goal of many companies. My personal opinion is pretty simple: The cloud does not exists, it is simply someone else's computer. But you know, opinions are like bowings for cellists: everyone has its own.

Anyway, network migrations are never a trivial activity, and often those who have to do the real work do not have the slightest knowledge of the environment they have to work on. So it begins, an unavoidable journey of interviews, meetings, updates with the customer, "I forgot this critical system that does yaddayadda..." and so on. Not your dream job.

Traffic analysis is the only real solution to discover, understand and plan correctly all network related activities. You can know which are the most used networks, who talks to who, which are the most used services, which addresses are alive, their relationships and even automate analysis. Enjoy simplicity.

Network visibility is the key that opens the correct gate to your path in the cloud. Or do you prefer the fog ?